[PlanetCCRMA] Unable to run alsaplayer

Mark W. Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Fri Aug 30 21:09:01 2002

   Thanks for the info. I'm making a little headway, but I'll probably post
something over to alsa to see about a bit more info:

1) The reason there were two sets of errors in the earlier post was because
we have two channels. For whatever reason, when I change the -f and -g
options, it only fixes the left hand channel. The right still has no sound,
and has the clicks.

2) If I turn on the -r option (real-time scheduling) then the clicks and the
messages go away, but I still get the error message for the right channel

   xmms does the same thing playing a *.ogg file I downloaded. I get audio
on the left, clicks on the right. I see no option for 'real-time scheduling'
on that program.

   I'm not as concerned about the clicks as I am about getting stereo for

   We'll see what else I can find out.

Have a good evening & thanks,

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>    OK, reducing the fragcount below 6 gets it to open, but I'm only
> sound on the left hand side, and on the right I'm getting a click. The
> happens at the same time that I see a message like:
> xrun of at least 42.213 msecs. resetting stream

Those are latency hits, welcome to the world of not so low latency :-)
Don't know what might be causing this... make sure the hard disks are
tuned and that the low latency patch is enabled (docs in the web pages,
see tuning).

> I did an apt-get on the vorbis stuff at planetccrma, but can't figure out
> what to run now that it's installed. Where is apt-get putting the rpms?

List all the files contained in a package:
  rpm -q -l package-name
What to look for:
  things in /usr/share/man/*
  --> man pages, "man whatever" prints them.
  things in /usr/bin/*
  --> programs
  things in /usr/share/doc/*
  --> documentation
There are links to each software package in the application pages (it is
on the name of the package). Obviously I need to add some basic docs :-)
So much to add, so little time. Vorbis is a compression algorithm, I
believe oggenc is the encoder. The package includes a library that is used
by many other programs (for example xmms - which thanks to it can play
compressed ogg vorbis files).

-- Fernando