[Alsa-user] Re: [PlanetCCRMA] Failure loading/testing at alsaconf

Mark W. Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Fri Aug 30 19:08:01 2002

   We were on the right track. I'm up and running on the AP2496 now.

   All I did was take the asound.state file (THANKS! I wouldn't have known
about it without your help!) and emptied it out, but left it there in /etc.
I then was able to run alsaconf with no problems, which built new contents
in asound.state.

   After adjusting levels with the mixer, I'm now playing wave files just

   I'm going to have to figure out all of your instructions about the
snd_id. It makes sense, but I'm not sure that I know what to do yet in
practice. However, it was a good day. I got alsa up and running on two
machine with two different sound cards.

   Thanks for all your help!

With best regards,

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> On the second machine, at the /usr/sbin/alsaconf step, I see two sound
> cards, which is correct. This machine has a AP2496 and an RME Hammerfall
> Light. I choose the 2496, tell it to write the /etc/modules.conf file, and
> after that, when it attempts to start the drivers, this is what I see....

That's fine, I think. When you use "/usr/sbin/alsactl store"
to store the current mixer configuration it writes the
settings to /etc/asound.state. You probably did an "alsactl
store" before, using an older version of alsa (maybe?) so that
the information that is there is slightly incompatible with
the newer version of alsa.

[small light bulb shows up on top of my head]

I know what happened... when you did your test with the RME
card alsactl stored the configuration with the name CARD0
(probably) because that is the default if you do not specify a
name for the card in the options line of the modules.conf
file. So you have a configuration in /etc/asound.state for the
Hammerfall under the name CARD0. Then you change the setup and
try the AP, and it tries to load whatever it finds in
/etc/asound.state under the name CARD0 (because again you do
not specify a name in the modules.conf file). But the options
now do not match, because the card is different. So just
configure things, do an alsactl store and everything should be

To avoid this (I think) you should change the options line for
the card in /etc/modules.conf to something like:

options snd-ice1712 snd_index=0 snd_id=AP2496

(note the snd_id at the end).

If you now alsactl store the configuration will be saved under
the AP2496 name and no confusion will happen with the

Hope this is clear.
-- Fernando

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