[PlanetCCRMA] PlanetCCRMA is a good thing

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Aug 30 10:45:02 2002

> I just wanted to say this setup you've done is really one of the best
> surprises I've run into in the Linux arena in a long, long time. Life is
> going to be much more pleasant using this. Cheers to you and anyone else on
> the team up there for doing all the work to make it happen. Very cool.

Thanks a lot! I'll have to add a short section on how this all
came to be for the non-ccrmalites(*) in the list :-) I started
supporting linux here at CCRMA at around the end of '96, I

> I've only run into a couple of small things so far, having to do with
> grub:
> 1) If you're using LILO, the kernel install stuff still modifies the
> grub.conf files like you're using grub.

I had not noticed. That is beyond my control, I'm just using
the RedHat scripts and calling them in the same way that the
regular RedHat kernel install calls them. Is it upgrading
lilo.conf as well? (I think it should).

> 2) If it requires grub, which is perfectly fine with me, it would be good to
> have some instructions on how to switch over from LILO to grub without doing
> a new install.

Hmmm, it does not require grub, although I have not tested
lilo (or used it) in a long time. In fact older instructions
included lilo but I erased that for brevity and because it is
now the default. Maybe I should bring them back...

I'm not sure if I have converted a machine from LILO to grub,
maybe once. It is not difficult but the documentation is less
than crystal clear :-) I'm not sure if I want to write
instructions on how to do that without a thorough
understanding on what could go wrong :-)

-- Fernando

(*) ccrmalite == inhabitant of ccrma, historical meaning of
the word actually lost in the mist of time.