[CM] [SND] Files from (save-region) can't be read by other applications

Kenneth Flak kennethflak at protonmail.com
Fri Jul 28 09:41:08 PDT 2023

Aha, seems I found it. Setting the header-type to mus-riff seems to solve it:

(let (
       (iterator 0)
       (filename "test"))
   (map (lambda (r) 
          (save-region r (format #f "test~A.wav" iterator) :header-type mus-riff)
          (set! iterator (+ iterator 1)))

However, I am curious if there's a way to set this as the default behavior for all file export operations? My ~/.snd_prefs_s7 says I already have this:

(set! (default-output-header-type) mus-riff)

It seems that the default header type is mus-next, which neither reaper nor mpv/ffmpeg seem to be very happy about.


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