[CM] Getting snd to work with conjure/neovim

Kenneth Flak kennethflak at protonmail.com
Fri Jul 14 04:29:20 PDT 2023

Hi list,

One more step in the journey towards getting conjure/nvim to work satisfyingly with snd, completion!

I managed now to get it to work by running:

(let ((p (open-output-file "/home/kf/snd-keywords.txt")))
   (let f ((ls (vector->list (symbol-table))))
     (display ls)
     (if (not (null? ls))
         (write (car ls) p)
         (newline p)
         (f (cdr ls)))))
   (close-output-port p))

to get a list of the current keywords.

Next, I use nvim-cmp plugin with the cmp-dictionary source to get this to work:

     sources = {
         { name = 'dict' }

local dict = require("cmp_dictionary")
     filetype = {
         scheme = "/home/kf/snd-keywords.txt",

And that's it! Now the keywords should pop up as suggestions while typing.
Nowhere near as clever as how it's handled in the listener, but vastly better than nothing.


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On 13 Jul 2023  10:21, bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU wrote:
>Dave Phillips wrote a tutorial for Snd a long time
>ago -- for Snd 6.0 (2003), I think.  It eventually got
>out of sync with the program, but I still have
>a copy -- I can send it to you if you like.

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