[CM] How are people handling modules/imports?

Michael Mee mike at eggheadgames.com
Fri Feb 24 11:03:46 PST 2023

FWIW, we have several modules that we include using r7rs syntax (using a 
subset of the s7 r7rs shim).  I’m not sure that we tested for name 
collisions explicitly, but it worked fine for basic code organisation 
mapping to directory/subdirectory (see thread subject: “R7RS 
support”, Jan 2022).  The only other caveat we saw was previously 
mentioned on this list with subject: “Variables in R7RS libraries”.

Cheers, Michael

On 24 Feb 2023, at 7:41, Iain Duncan wrote:

> Hi all, just curious to hear how others are making a module/import 
> system
> in s7. I have a project now that would really benefit from some better
> protection against name collisions if I am to share it.
> thanks!
> iain
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