[CM] removing harmonic content from sound (solutions for real-time use)

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Aug 16 14:15:42 PDT 2023

Hi Orm,

Sorry I forgot you had ATS CL version working. Had it on my mind and my
unconscious betrayed me.

You also beat me on explaining "what you need to know while using
spectral modeling". In other words, and like years ago we used to hear,
a good analysis and a good FFT of a sound consequently renders a great
resynthesis. Getting the ATS analysis file was not definitely realtime.

I second your thoughts:

> Once the ATS file has been calculated it's like an interactive 
> realtime version of Spear with modulation capabilities.

Digging a bit deeper on the ATS webpage [1], found that Pablo DiLiscia
has working Pd binaries (only for windoze though) [2].

There is even source code on GitLab [3].

> I was hoping there might be some 'simpler' solution -
> autocorrelation, wavelets (wild suggestions, but why not...?)

On speech recognition topics there might be some hints. I don't know of
anything in concrete but recall some high density talks on a conference
that aimed at accomplishing some of the stuff you are referring. And for
what is worth,  AI "borrowed" some of these techniques.

   --* Juan Reyes


[2] https://puredata.info/Members/pdiliscia/ats-pd

[3] https://gitlab.com/dxarts/projects/ats

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