[CM] [audio] recent concatenative synthesis demos

David O'Toole deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 09:23:46 PST 2022

Hi! I've been working on improvements to the Mosaic system and have some
brief audio demos to share.

I sliced seven Whitney Houston a cappella vocal recordings into a database
of about 10,000 fragments, and did the same for Zoltan Kodaly's Sonata for
Solo Cello. Then I experimented with matching these to each other and to
Ligeti's piano etudes.

Results are somewhat mixed but highly promising in my opinion. My choice of
material is more or less arbitrary, and in some areas matching performance
isn't great. (It's easy to silence incorrect matches in an editor, so this
is still quite usable. But I want to constantly improve it.)

But in other spots the matching is eerily appropriate! Especially when
Paulstretched, I enjoy some of these as experimental "magnetic tape
collage" pieces made out of various recordings.

I just added a feature to set the lowpass cutoff of the spectra being
compared during search, and that boosted the quality I think, hence my
posting of some new sounds.

Hope you enjoy!
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