[CM] TeXmacs & S7

Massimiliano Gubinelli m.gubinelli at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 14:08:44 PST 2022

Dear Bill,
 thanks for the remarks. Do I understand you correclty that the patch I implemented break some assumption of your code. Is there a way to be sure I'm not introducing any bug?


> On 17. Jan 2022, at 21:13, bil at ccrma.stanford.edu <bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
> Currently, s7's optimizer sometimes depends on the position of the variables
> in environments, so your change is only safe if the optimizer gives up.
> Since the order matters, a hash-table lookup is unlikely to work without
> some serious overhead.  Most environments have only a handful of locals, and
> a small linear search is faster than a hash-table lookup (and the search is
> unnecessary if the variables have unique names).

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