[CM] Error trying to load Alex Shinn's regext library

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 09:47:40 PST 2022

Hi, I thought I would try loading Alex's Shinn's iregex library from
http://synthcode.com/scheme/irregex but I'm getting an error that I'm not
sure how to fix. I try to load irregex.scm and get the error below. I'm
hoping someone can tell me if this is something I just need to patch in s7?
or any other suggestions?


> (load "irregex.scm")

;integer->char argument 1, 55295, is out of range (it doen't fit in an
unsigned byte)
;    integer->char
;    irregex.scm, line 360, position: 15546
; ((integer->char 57344) (integer->char 111...
; ((lambda (hook lst) (if (do ((p lst (cdr ...
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