[CM] CLM-5 in-any from interpreted CL

bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Dec 19 12:32:17 PST 2022

The common lisp clm didn't support that kind of
setf in the run loop.  I think you need to do it
this way:

(defparameter *test* (make-double-array 100 :initial-element (double 

(definstrument get-samples (arr)
   (let ((num (length arr)))
     (file->array "oboe.snd" 0 0 num arr)

(get-samples *test*)

In sbcl I can't use the variable name "array" -- I get
the error message:

;   The function ARRAY is undefined, and its name is reserved by ANSI CL 
so that
;   even if it were defined later, the code doing so would not be 

Also, the array that file->array writes to has to be
explicitly declared to have double elements.

Anyway, after all that (and a whole lot of cursing), you should
get numbers in *test*.

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