[CM] snd on s390x (probably a BigEndian issue)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Aug 16 08:49:17 PDT 2022


I'm packaging 'snd' for Debian (and derivatives, like Ubuntu).

as of snd-22.6, i've added some basic tests that are run on your 
(Debian's) CI-infrastructure.

this has promptly triggered a problem on one of your build 
architectures, namely s390x (aka "IBM System/390" a big-endian, 
mainframe-class architecture).

the test is basically running this minimal s7 script:
(delete-samples 0 10000)
(pad-channel 0 44100)
(set! (sample 10) 0.5)
(save-sound-as "test.wav" 0 :header-type mus-riff :sample-type mus-lshort)
(exit 0)

unfortunately, `snd` segfaults :-(

it also segfaults, when i just run "echo | snd", so i gather, the 
problem is not with the script.

the "snd" variant used for these tests are compiled without any GUI (not 
even notcurses), but with JACK and ALSA support.

both tests also *succeed* on amd64 (aka "x86_64"), i386 (aka "x86"), 
armel (aka "armv4" or similar), armhf (aka "armv6"; or your beloved 
rasbperry), "arm64" (64bit arm, e.g. RPi4) and "ppcel" (whatever).

none of the test machine has a soundcard installed (or jackd running).

afaict, all succeeding architectures are Little Endian (though this 
might just be a red herring).

the full logs of the failing tests can be seen on [1], but the 
re-curring error-message is:
 > s7_make_circular_signature got too few entries: <unknown object! 
type: messed up object? (64), opt_op: 256 safe_closure_a_o, flags: 
#x4000000001000001 immutable unheap>

any ideas?


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