[CM] profile: prepend namespace to the function name

Christos Vagias chris.actondev at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 16:32:53 PDT 2021

I think it'd be also useful to take a moment to think about possible
future module system implementation, where for example tons of modules
might have an init function, and how profile output should look like.
Not anything concrete, but about the possible naming styles and how
it'd relate to this scenario.
So, for example, a more s7-ish way would be to look for the
+namespace+ or +module+ symbol's value in the funclet.
Also, in my style I follow namespace/fun but others might prefer
namespace:fun style. Should that be also configurable via (*s7*
profile-prefix-separator) or not?

About omitting "rootlet/" that could be a check in profile.scm.

PS in the attached scm file above, I should have a top level (define
*ns-name* 'rootlet). This is implicitly added in my setup.

On Tue, 28 Sept 2021 at 00:57, <bil at ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:
> An interesting problem!  I lean toward (*s7* 'profile-prefix).  And
> I'd omit "rootlet/" so that "normal" cases are easier to read.
> The second solution sounds problematic to me -- there's currently
> no space in the function cell for the profile position.

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