[CM] GC update, s7 flying in Ableton Live/Max for Live. :-)

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 18:29:05 PDT 2021

Well thanks for the help everyone, I thought folks might be interested to
know that running with lower heap size and proactive gc runs every 200 to
500ms is working like an absolute charm in Max for Live. I can run heavy
real time synthesis in Live with quite substantial sequencers and have
Ableton Live's latency down to 64 samples (which it reports as 4.3ms
latency). Dropping the heap to 16 or 32 kb cut my gc runs down to an
average 0.3 ms! Even better, I added pseudo control rate DSP today to
simulate (and sync up with) csound control rate processing, and running
callbacks in my Scheme code every signal vectoris working
beautifully.  (Every 64 samples in Live, user configurable in Max
standalone.) Eats some CPU, but well worth it to me!

And the Ableton folks have really done a killer job of the Max integration
in V11. Clocks are locked up like, well, clockwork. lol.

I am of course raaather biased.... but I think this is going to be game
changing for hackers who like working with commercial software. :-)

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