[CM] need macro help!

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 11:17:41 PDT 2021

oh wow, ok I will chew on that. In the meantime, I got it working as this,
but feedback for style (or bugs I can't see) would be lovely.

;building on the example from Bill:
(define s4m-expr-inputs (vector '() 11 22 33))

(define (string->sexp text)
  "convert a string of an sexp to an sexp"
  (read (open-input-string text)))

; recursive iterator for processing an sexp for %X args
(define (s4m-process-sexp sexp)
        ((and (symbol? token) (eq? ((symbol->string token) 0) #\%))
          `(s4m-expr-inputs ,(string->number (substring (symbol->string
token) 1))))
        ((list? token)
          (s4m-process-sexp token))
        (else token)))

(define-macro (s4m-run-sexp-macro sexp)
  `(eval (s4m-process-sexp ,sexp)))

(define (s4m-run-expr sexp-str)
  (let ((input-sexp (string->sexp sexp-str)))
    (s4m-run-sexp-macro input-sexp)))

I also noticed I could thus dispense with the oneline macro all together
now by doing:

(define (s4m-run-expr sexp-str)
  (let ((input-sexp (string->sexp sexp-str)))
    (eval '(eval (s4m-process-sexp input-sexp)))))

Feedback on which is considered better style welcome!

On Wed, Sep 8, 2021 at 11:03 AM <bil at ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:

> This isn't helpful, in fact it's ugly, but I can't
> resist mentioning:
> (set! *#readers*
>    (cons (cons #\% (lambda (str)
>                    (list 's4m-expr-inputs
>                          (string->number (substring str 1)))))
>          *#readers*))
> > (+ #%1 (+ #%2 #%3))
> which returns 66 after expanding at read time to:
> (+ (s4m-expr-inputs 1) (+ (s4m-expr-inputs 2) (s4m-expr-inputs 3)))
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