[CM] mus-chebyshev-u-sum

James Hearon j_hearon at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 18 16:48:33 PST 2021

re: mus-chebyshev-u-sum takes a list of partial (harmonic)

(with-sound (:srate 48000 :channels 1 :play #t)
   (let* ((dur 1.0)
         (samps (seconds->samples dur))
         (coeffs (float-vector 0 1 0 1/3 0 1/5 0 1/7 0 1/9))
         (incr (hz->radians 200.0)))
     (do ((i 0 (+ i 1))
         (x 0.0 (+ x incr)))
        ((= i samps))
       (outa i (* 0.1 (mus-chebyshev-u-sum x coeffs))))))

Sorry, I had not replied "thank you" for this info re: the input format of the float-vector.  I was able to dig deeper and get a better understanding of the output values for mus-chebyshev-u-sum by looking carefully at clm.c.  From what I gather, the sum result simply sets the amp level of each sample in the timedomain.  I'm still not completely clear on the role phase plays per sample, but I'll keep thinking about that.  I'm amazed at how much chebyshev there is in Snd.  I hadn't taken notice of that until recently. Polywave, Chebyshev sums, Chebyshev Coefficients, Chebyshev Filters etc.
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