[CM] s7 repl for linux?

jlucas jlucas at nprim.net
Tue Mar 30 12:03:16 PDT 2021

For interpreters without history or terminal handling, you can run
them in a wrapper called 'rlwrap' to get those features via the
readline library.


For Debian-based distros...

	apt install rlwrap

...or RedHat-based distros...

	yum install rlwrap


On 29/03/21 05:41 -0700, bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU wrote:
> You can build s7 with -DWITH_MAIN and it comes up with
> a repl.  The same repl is available separately as either
> repl.c (with repl.scm) or nrepl.c (with nrepl.scm).
> There are also examples in s7.html if you want to make
> your own.  nrepl does not have a history buffer (it's
> available directly via the mouse and scrolling, but you
> need to use a terminal that can handle mouse events
> (not rxvt in particular)).
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