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There's also an old pd scheme extension that created external objects like
a normal pd object running scheme code rather than c. As far as I can tell,
after a few days of bewildered frustration, it's kaput (?) -- but the idea
was nice.

The etienne-p/Pd-Scheme does work, but it's (so-far) limited to three
possible inputs:
load -- takes a complete-path filename, loads the file, defines all the
'(define (blah) (whatever)) functions in it
bang -- does whatever function (from the last loaded file?) provided  for
call -- applies a function from a previously loaded file.

There's no explicit way to have an arbitrary message evaluated as s7 code.
Maybe put it in a [text], save the contents to a file, load the file?
And the only output is to a function called (outlet). Ways to add a 'send'

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