[CM] Scheme for Pd 0.1 beta is up

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 09:15:02 PDT 2021

Hi everyone, I'm excited to announce that Scheme for Pure Data  (aka s4pd)
is now code complete for version 0.1 and ready for people to use, though it
does still require building from source at the moment. This should "just
work" with the Makefile, let me know if not.

Scheme for Pd is an open-source external for live-coding and scripting Pd
with an embedded s7 Scheme Lisp interpreter. It is a port of most of Scheme
for Max, also by me, for Max/MSP. s7 is an embeddable minimal Scheme
implementation by Bill Schottstaedt at CCRMA, with many nice features for
algorithmic composition and embedding. (Like I need to say that here!

Features in beta 0.1:
* run code from files, and hot reload files during playback
* evaluate scheme code from Pd messages live with a REPL
* keeps on playing fine when you go into edit mode
* output numbers, symbols, lists, vectors (as Pd lists)
* basic array i/o
* send messages to named receivers
* schedule functions with delay, using the Pd scheduler

The GitHub project page is here. Please file issues there if you find bugs
or the help is unclear. I'm sure there are still some issues!

If you can help with testing and making builds on Windows and Linux, please
let me know. I think this version should be ready for a binary release now.

As usual, a huge thanks to Bill and all the others who have made this
possible with the work on s7!!

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