[CM] musx 2.0.4

Taube, Heinrich K taube at illinois.edu
Thu Jun 3 12:34:14 PDT 2021

The musx package is now publicly available on git and PyPi.

To download sources, documentation, and demos do:

$ git clone https://github.com/ricktaube/musx.git

To install musx as a python package do:

$ python3.9 -m pip install musx
I highly recommend using git so that you have the source code, documentation and demos together. After cloning the repo, to run a demo you will do something like this:

$ cd /path/to/musx
$ python3.9 -m demos.gamelan
$ fluidsynth gamelan.mid

In this release the major version was bumped from 1 to 2 because after the test run teaching with it last semester I did a major source code cleanup that includes renaming some modules, classes and functions.

A huge thank you to Mike Gogins for his help and advice, as well as his contributing a back end for Csound and adding some Csound demos that show how to use it!


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