[CM] Sending code to the REPL from Emacs

Brad Christensen bchristensen-lists at outlook.com
Sat Jul 31 15:52:19 PDT 2021

Any Emacs users out there with working s7 REPL configs?

I quite like the idea of keeping certain code in an org file and sending code to the REPL. However, I can't quite figure out the configuration required for evaluating multi-line sexp, or even multiple sexps in s7's REPL.

My attempts include using cmuscheme standalone and behind various packages (Doom-emacs' eval module (Quickrun), eval-in-repl, org-babel-eval-in-repl), without luck.

Simple single-line / single sexp work, but any sexp split across a line, or consecutive sexp does this:
> (define (add1 n)
  (+ 1 n))

missing close paren: (define (add1 n)
> eval-string trailing junk: ")"

> (+ 1 2 3)(- 4 5 6)
eval-string trailing junk: "(- 4 5 6)"
This occurs regardless of whether the code was sent to the REPL or typed in directly. Any pointers appreciated!

Thanks, Brad

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