[CM] autoload compiling when shared libs are in *load-path*

Brad Christensen bchristensen-lists at outlook.com
Thu Jul 22 15:01:14 PDT 2021

I realize now that my presumption may have come from the fact that repl seems to treat its search for libc_s7.so (and perhaps libdl_s7.so) differently than, for example libm_s7.so.

When I first compiled the repl I noticed at first run it would always compile and load libc_s7.so, leaving the artifact in whatever directory I ran the repl from. Not wanting to leave multiple copies of the .so around, I pre-compiled libc_s7.so to the repl's location. Because this worked for libc_s7.so, I presumed it would work the same for the other *_s7.so libs.

That said, I have now realized *cload-directory* is a thing, which could help me wrangle these libs. I see nrepl has '.nrepl' to define autoloaded user customization for such a thing. Not so for repl?

Thanks, Brad

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