[CM] s4pd (s7 for pd) with [text] perhaps for live-coding

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 15:13:49 PDT 2021

Thanks Forrest, I will try this out! I just wrapped up a bunch of paper
writing and have some time to dedicate to s4pd again.

Right now each object is isolated on its own, because one can always use
send and receives to simulate sharing, and use shared data structures as

Also, I should probably request you send s4pd or s4m specific things to the
scheme for max google group just so as not to clutter up this list. I'll go
rename the group to indicate it's for Pd as well now!

On Sat, Jul 17, 2021 at 7:05 AM Forrest Curo <treegestalt at gmail.com> wrote:

> [text define cod]
> ----------
> [line 0(
> | [step(
> |/
> [text sequence cod]
> |
> [send cud]
> ---------
> [receive cud]
> |
> [list trim]             (This is needed with output from 'text')
> |
> [fudiform -u]
> |
> [list tosymbol]
> |
> [s4pd]
> |
> [print]
> ==========
> Clicking on the [text define] box opens it for input, without having to go
> into edit-mode. If you want what you type into it to remain stable, lines
> should end with ';'
> To make what you've just typed in to be visible to [s4pd] you need to save
> it. Closing the box is one way, but cumbersome, and leaves it
> inconveniently closed. So: ctrl-s does the job.
> =========
> Questions, by the way. Each [s4pd] runs its own separate line of
> execution... Is there a built-in way for one [s4pd] to receive messages
> from or share a variable with another? (I suppose they could both reference
> the same pd [array]. Pd would be executing code from each box in sequence,
> according to its signal flow?)
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