[CM] s4pd (s7 for pd) with [text] perhaps for live-coding

Forrest Curo treegestalt at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 07:04:51 PDT 2021

[text define cod]
[line 0(
| [step(
[text sequence cod]
[send cud]
[receive cud]
[list trim]             (This is needed with output from 'text')
[fudiform -u]
[list tosymbol]
Clicking on the [text define] box opens it for input, without having to go
into edit-mode. If you want what you type into it to remain stable, lines
should end with ';'

To make what you've just typed in to be visible to [s4pd] you need to save
it. Closing the box is one way, but cumbersome, and leaves it
inconveniently closed. So: ctrl-s does the job.
Questions, by the way. Each [s4pd] runs its own separate line of
execution... Is there a built-in way for one [s4pd] to receive messages
from or share a variable with another? (I suppose they could both reference
the same pd [array]. Pd would be executing code from each box in sequence,
according to its signal flow?)
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