[CM] snd/vim integration

Kenneth Flak kennethflak at protonmail.com
Wed Jul 7 03:52:19 PDT 2021

Hi list,

After years on the sidelines I decided to invest the necessary time to learn snd properly, and I have some ideas on how I could integrate it into my neovim workflow. Before I start reinventing the wheel though, I would just like to know if somebody has done any work on this before? I imagine using neovim to send chunks of code to snd via stdin, which seems to be a not too overwhelming task for a rookie programmer like myself... I would also be thrilled if there was a way to make the current keyboard shortcuts a bit more vim-like? Something akin to emacs evil mode, for example? My muscle memory is a bit lazy, and would prefer to stay in its hjkl pattern if possible.

All the best,

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