[CM] New music package 'musx' available

Taube, Heinrich K taube at illinois.edu
Fri Jan 8 17:36:38 PST 2021

> out of curiosity, which features of Common Music are not in there?

the biggest missing piece is no connection to sndlib. But sndlib has its XEN bindings to forth and ruby and  Python has Cython for implementing things at the C level so i expect that a binding could be made to python as well. musx is lacking MusicXml input, but Grace didnt have that either after fomus stopped being supported.    I think maybe the right way to do musicxml input/ouput would be use something like DSGenerate  to automatically generate Python musicxml classes directly from its schema.  musx has no realtime scheduler.  Python has threads so maybe it could be done (or they could be implemented in Cython, similar to how I did it Grace using Juce threads).  xmus patterns are implemented using python generators (functions), so dont have all the expressibility as the patterns in CM. But its totally possible to just port CMs pattern classes, I just havent done it yet. The generators are simpler and work well for most patterns. musx actually has some features not in cm , right now it has  basic music theory objects Pitch and Interval and there are some other theory things like set tools and score/part representations I  already have but havent put them in yet until music xml support is there.  grace had a plotter, but musx doesnt need one since python's matplotlib package can be used and is much more powerful. i think those are pretty much the differences - musx is able to run all the grace demo examples so the systems are pretty close.


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