[CM] something like let-set! for undefined vars?

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 08:28:10 PST 2021

Thanks Bill, I shall use your example! I'm loving the environment
flexibility.  I got so excited making my algorithmic process object
hierarchy I went and ordered "The Art of the Meta-object Protocol", haha. I
don't think I'll be able to happily use a language that tells me how
objects *must* work anymore... :-)


On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 7:11 AM <bil at ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:

> Another possibility:
>     (let init-loop ((args init-args))
>        (unless (null? args)
>          ((if (defined? (car args) env) let-set! varlet) env (car args)
> (cadr args))
>          (init-loop (cddr args)))))
> varlet adds a new binding to the let even if one already
> exists for the symbol (shadowing the old one).
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