[CM] Snd-21

Matti Koskinen squarewave at elisanet.fi
Mon Apr 5 08:10:34 PDT 2021

Hi all,

Just completed a short test of snd on  Apple Mac Mini M1 running native arm64 and MOTIF

It was quite easy to build after getting homebrew flags and packages right. On M1 I read that /usr/local ia for Intel and /opt/homebrew is better used for Apple Silicon.  Xquartz has version already for M1 native code.

Compiling was, how to say, blazing fast. S7.c took little longer, but the other files just like cat s7.c on old Mac.  Audio works, but scrolling with mouse not, , as it has something to do with X-settings. I remember this from Ubuntu Linux, too.

Old good times revive!


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