[CM] s7-playground (interactive tutorial) update

Christos Vagias chris.actondev at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 12:18:18 PDT 2020

The numbered star *would* correctly be a popularity indicator.
But since the project is not hosted on the public gitlab platform and
it's on a private hosted instance.. only member of cm-gitlab.stanford.edu
can "star" it.

By the way Bil, at the end the "starting from scratch" (no old commits) is
choice or are you going to add the previous ones? (I mean up to 2017)

On Fri, 2 Oct 2020 at 19:26, <bil at ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:

> Now that I've used it a bit, I have to agree that gitlab
> is a much better interface; but I don't see any point in
> the numbered star -- is this a popularity indicator?
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