[CM] Cannot generate libc_s7.c

Christos Vagias chris.actondev at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 08:50:22 PDT 2020

Hi all
(my first mail here, hope it'll work out)

I was trying the repl demo (using repl.scm) using the following snippet
from the online documentation

int main(int argc, char **argv)
  s7_scheme *sc;
  sc = s7_init();
  s7_load(sc, "repl.scm");
  s7_eval_c_string(sc, "((*repl* 'run))");

I noticed that the commit (from the github mirror) 357aaa1
broke this.

Getting the following error:

writing libc_s7.c
;symbol->string argument, (provided? 'linux), is a pair but should be a symbol
;    name
;    libc.scm, line 1751, position: 96342
; add-one-constant: (list c-type (symbol->s... ; c-type: reader-cond
;                                              c: (provided? 'linux)
; add-one-constant: (cons (list c-type (sym... ; constants: ((FILE*
"stderr") (FILE* "stdou...
; c-define-1: ((end-c-file) (delete-file o-... ; o-file-name: libc_s7.o

Up until the previous commit it works fine.

Another note/question:
I'm really excited that I discovered *s7 *(so many thanks to Bill Schottstaedt).

Though I'm wondering about the long-term maintenance of the project.
I'm saying this mainly for the lack of some changelogs (proper
versions, seeing what changed from a version and another).

For example: to find where this breaking change got introduced I was
going through the "bugs" commits (all the commits are named bugs heh)

I'm not complaining, but I would really like to know about the project
status cause s7 is like a hidden gem.


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