[CM] Help wanted, making defered/scheduled functions

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 09:03:11 PDT 2020

Hi list, I'm hoping someone can give me some brief guidance as I'm sure
this is a solved problem in S7 and CM but is beyond my lisp knowledge for
how to do it correctly.

Max/MSP has a scheduler that works with it's global clock. I want to enable
something like the following:

(delay :4n '(my-funct a b c))

So the delaying side will be implemented in C, and that side will handle
converting :4n to the right time according to the max clock and then call
*something* in S7 from C at the right time. My question is what the right
way to store and then call the delayed function is, given that it might
also have anonymous elements

(delay :4n (list (lambda (x) (...)) :foo :bar))

Ideally, the way this is done would be compatible with future plans to
allow a variant that we can cancel:

(define future (delay :4n '(my-fun a b c)))
... now I can cancel it by doing something to future if need be

Do I need to do something like have my arg 3 to delay be converted to a
function and environment captured and stored with gensym? Is there a known
pattern for this that I can look at in the common music sources or other
lisp literature? Any help preventing slow wheel re-invention much

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