[CM] metaobject protocol for S7?

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 20:50:02 PDT 2020

Hi all, just curious, as I continue my self-education in various things
lispy, if anyone has implemented a metaobject protocol system for S7, or
has thoughts for why it's not a good idea or just hasn't been worthwhile. I
see that Chicken Scheme has Coops, and Guile has Goops - Chicken and Guile
being kissing cousins of S7 in many ways. I'm a ways from properly
understanding Scheme object systems yet (still just using the simple
examples from the beginning of SICP for my purposes) so I can't say I
have opinions one way or another, but I figure others must have thoughts on
object systems for Lisps and Schemes and how they may or may not be
appropriate for S7.

I look forward to anyone's input.
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