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Neil Baylis neil.baylis at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 15:30:34 PDT 2020


I recently retrieved an old project of mine that was written for cm. I left
myself a readme file with instructions for running it:

    cm --load "main.scm"

Now I'm on a new computer and want to run this again. However, I can't
remember how I obtained or built the cm executable that I was using back
then (in 2009). Searching online, I can find instructions for building the
Grace application, but that's not exactly what I want. Building grace
doesn't give me a cm executable, and I don't want to be messing with the
Grace GUI for this project. Grace gives me a "Grace console" window, but it
doesn't give me a REPL.

I know this used to be possible, because I still have my project. I guess
I'm just not looking in the right place.

Can someone point me to instructions for downloading and building the cm


Neil Baylis
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