[CM] CM/Scheme without Grace?

Taube, Heinrich K taube at illinois.edu
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Yes, Grace is built in JUCE.  Actually Its not hard to load plugins directly into juce, if you did that you could route your midi to your plugins without needing an external app.
I have

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So much good stuff to dig into on this thread! :-)

Rick, I noticed in the S7 docs there was a mention of your name on "S7 in JUCE". Did you use JUCE for Grace? I ask as it's on my to-evaluate list for some advanced ear training software I'd like to build with S7.  (Jazz ear training software,  at a high enough level of sophistication, starts to look like algo composition if you squint a little.)


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> I see the Grace documentation lists a bunch of functions/macros related to algo music, but it's not clear to me whether Grace is required to get that functionality.
> My application is to algorithmically generate midi to be played by virtual instruments. (i.e., route the midi to a VST or AU host.)

Grace is a C++ app that contains a real time scheduler, s7 scheme, and a scheme version of common music.  You would develop your programs in scheme (or Sal) and you can run them in realtime to send MIDI or OSC to external programs. you can also use bill’s own s7 scheme binding to sndlib to generate audio files algorithmically.

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