[CM] Performance of S7

bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Dec 30 06:34:40 PST 2020

Thanks very much for the kind words about s7, and the comparison of s7 
and Guile 1.8.
I have wondered about real-world results -- I have my timing tests, and 
the standard
benchmarks (which I think are not at all representative of actual code),
and in those contexts, I believe s7 is faster than Guile 1.8.  I looked
at some of the TeXmacs scheme code, and notice you use modules and 
macros.  The latter are not supported in s7, so I would expect the 
implementation to be very slow.  I don't think 100,000 lines is a 
problem --
s7test.scm has 104,000 lines, and runs in about a second, and I've 
million line programs without problem.  Hash table lookups on symbols 
be fast too, unless I've missed something.  Could you run TeXmacs under
callgrind and send me the results? -- something might jump out at me.
I downloaded TeXmacs, but I don't see the s7 code.

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