[CM] Anyone working on S7 to web assembly?

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 07:47:36 PDT 2020

So web assembly is an actual usable thing now, and there was much
rejoicing! It seems to me that S7's ANSI C implementation ought to make it
a good candidate for implementing in web assembly, which would be all kinds
of cool for any web related projects. I gave it a crack and got some errors
(just wanted to see if it would "just work"!), but thought I'd check
whether this is on anyone else's radar or if anyone has thought about it. I
think it would be dead cool to get Common Music working in a browser myself
and would love to make a browser based demo/learning tool for Scheme for
Max, but I expect the C innards to be above my head for managing this on my

Anyone interested? :-)
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