[CM] Enabling Common Music in S7

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 16:53:04 PDT 2020

Hi Bill and Rick, I would like to include all the common music functions in
the base scheme that loads up with scheme-for-max, and ultimately I'd like
to even get it to the point that one could run all the examples in Notes
from the Metalevel in scheme-for-max so I can point to the book as an ideal
first resource, though this will requires some work on my end to implement
sprout of the max clock and so on.. I'm not clear which files scheme files
I need to load to do this. Are they all distributed in the s7 tarball? If
anyone can help me there, that would be lovely.

I'm also wondering if it's safe/reasonable/a good idea to load up
everything in stuff.scm and r7rs.scm by default or not. I can see that some
of what are in there would be very useful, but I don't know see much in the
docs about those two files. Comments most appreciated.

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