[CM] error loading lint.scm in snd 19.7

bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Sep 16 11:42:37 PDT 2019

That variable is in the pretty-print function in write.scm.  There's an
earlier (require write.scm) to load it. To see if it is being loaded,
you can set *load-hook*:

(set! (hook-functions *load-hook*)
        (list (lambda (hook)
                (format () "loading ~S...~%" (hook 'name)))))

*pretty-print-cycles* is somewhat new, so the version of write.scm
and lint.scm need to match.  I'd check /usr/local/share/snd for
an obsolete version of the file (I'm not sure how that would
happen -- the makefile puts *.scm in the scripts directory
if you use "install").  It might depend on your *load-path*.
Now that I look at it, the *load-hook* argument does not always
include the directory -- maybe it should if *load-path* is in use.
strace probably could tell you which write.scm is being loaded,
but it's very verbose.

If you can start snd, and (require write.scm), print
(outlet (funclet pretty-print))
and you should see *pretty-print-cycles*.

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