[CM] circular-scanned.ins

Juan I Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Jun 7 13:33:27 PDT 2019

Hi James,

Same here. Just compiled and loaded  'circular-scanned.ins' on
sbcl-1.4.6-2 on FC-29 Linux. Also using slime. As far as indentation and
parens, I just use lisp-mode and font-lock-mode to toggle its use. My
CLM-5 tarball is from April 2019.

   -- Juan

CL-USER> (compile-file "/zap/circular-scanned.ins")
; compiling file "/zap/circular-scanned.ins" (written 07 JUN 2019 
01:01:40 PM):
; Writing "/zap/clm_CIRCULAR_SCANNED.c"
; Compiling "/zap/clm_CIRCULAR_SCANNED.c"
; Creating shared object file "/zap/clm_CIRCULAR_SCANNED.so"

; /zap/circular-scanned.fasl written
; compilation finished in 0:00:01.112

CL-USER> (load "/zap/circular-scanned.ins")
; Writing "/zap/clm_CIRCULAR_SCANNED.c"
CL-USER> (with-sound (:channels 2) (circular-scanned 0 4 400 .5))

> What lisp are you running?  In sbcl (in a terminal) it seems to be
> ok:

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