[CM] midi problems with cm3.10.2 on linux

Nikolaj Tollenaar nikoltoll at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 07:33:34 PST 2019


I am having a specific midi problem with version 3.10.2 (as opposed to 
version 3.9). I am running linux mint 18, using fluidsynth over alsa.

When I start Grace, this the terminal output:

Common Music 3.10.2 [Config=Debug]
Creating Windows Skin...Creating Console...OK!
Creating Preferences...OK!
Creating OpenSoundControl...OK!
Creating Scheme...OK!
Creating AudioManager...OK!
Creating MidiOutPort...OK!
Creating MenuBarModel...OK!
Creating ConsoleWindow...OK!
Registering CommandManager Commands...OK!

This is the Grace  console output

 >>> Error: dilambda: unbound variable
(dilambda (lambda (w) "accessor for play field...
((define ->frequency (let ((main-pitch (/ 440....
(begin (provide 'sndlib-ws.scm) (set! *clm-sra...

Grace - Graphical Realtime Algorithmic Composition Environment
(c) 2019 University of Illinois Board of Trustees.
JUCE v5.2.0 (c) 2019 Julian Storer
S7 Scheme 5.1 (1-May-17), Sndlib 24 (c) 2019 William Schottstaedt

----/\\\------- Common Music 3.10.2
  /      \\\/
Warning: Midi output device FLUID Synth (qsynth) does not exist.
Warning: Midi input device Juce Midi Output does not exist.

the strange thing is, that qsynth only pops up in the midi connections 
(Ctrl-M) under input connections, whereas in Grace version 3.9 it only 
pops up under midi output connections, as it should.

Am I doing something wrong?



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