[CM] Resources/suggestions for learning scheme a la S7

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Tue Dec 24 09:28:53 PST 2019

High folks, wondering if anyone can chime in on which scheme resources make
the most sense if the goal is to learn scheme as implemented on S7. I
have a reasonable understanding of Clojure, and am working my way through
the Seasoned Schemer, SICP, How to Design Programs, and the Touretsky
Common Lisp book.

The docs say "like Guile 1.8". How does that translate to RXRS?

Any particular books you'd recommend? I guess one question I have is
whether the 4th edition of the Dybvig R6RS book is worth reading or whether
that is quite different.

Also, am I correct that the macro system supported is more like CL macros?
It looks to me, coming from ClojureScript, to be quite similar to Clojure
macros, which I think are closer to CL than scheme. But I'm a lisp newbie,
maybe I'm off base here.

thanks everyone.
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