[CM] env->channel, and float-vector->channel

James Hearon j_hearon at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 6 10:51:00 PDT 2018

I'm having some confusion about successive edits using env->channel vs. float-vector->channel.  For example if I loop employing env-channel and a vector as an envelope, then I see the successive edits every 1k samples; but when I try to do that using float-vector->channel the spacing is squished.

Float-vector->channel works fine if I employ the vector as envelope across the whole snd., but I'm failing to understand how to employ it for successive back-to-back edits within the snd.

Thank you for Snd 18.7!


(set! (mus-srate) 48000)

 (let*   ((mysize 8) ;size of vector for envelope pairs
         (fsize 48000) ;size of the snd
         (myvec (make-float-vector mysize))
   (new-sound "test.snd" :size fsize)
(insert-silence 0 fsize)
 (map-channel (lambda (y) 0.5))

(float-vector-set! myvec 0 0.1);x1
(float-vector-set! myvec 1 0.5 );y1
(float-vector-set! myvec 2 0.5 );x2
(float-vector-set! myvec 3 1.0 );y2
(float-vector-set! myvec 4 0.75 );x3
(float-vector-set! myvec 5 -1.0 );y3
(float-vector-set! myvec 6 1.0 );x4
(float-vector-set! myvec 7 0.0 );y4

  (do ((i 0 (+ i 1000)))
            ((= i 24000))
(env-channel (make-env myvec :duration 0.015 :scaler 1.0) i 1000 0 0 )
;(float-vector->channel myvec i 1000 0) ;place float-vector in the editor ;XXX
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