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James Hearon j_hearon at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 20 10:26:51 PDT 2018

Thank you.  I think I get it now.
I was thinking "i" was smarter about values while going thru the do  loop, or was was keeping track somehow of all values, not just the increment.  But it seems to only know about values of the increment.  I think I can fix it now.

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Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2018 18:02:31 +0000
From: James Hearon <j_hearon at hotmail.com>
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I get a crash that I cannot seem to understand with the following code.  In the do loop when I set the test to (= i 40400) I get a squarish-wave in the editor; but when I set it to 40500 or above  I get an endless loop and a crash.

I was trying to create a 2 sec. test.snd, then write the samples to the editor to fill out the 2 sec. or 44100 samples if sr is 22050, but I must be doing something wrong.

(set! *clm-srate* 22050)

      (let* ((dur (* *clm-srate* 2))
            (ind (new-sound "test.snd" 1 *clm-srate* mus-ldouble mus-riff :size dur))
            (v1 (make-float-vector 100 .75))
            (v2 (make-float-vector 98 -.5))
          (do ((i 0 (+ i 200)))
              ((= i 40400))  ;xxx 40400 works, but 40500 crashes
           (set! (samples i (+ i 100)) v1)
           (set! (samples (+ i 101) (+ i 199)) v2)
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Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2018 11:21:30 -0700
From: bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
To: James Hearon <j_hearon at hotmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [CM] set! samples
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At first glance, "i" never equals 40500 -- you're
stepping by 200.  Use (>= i 40500) or (= i 40600).
Since the end test is never true, you probably
run out of memory eventually.


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