[CM] [snd] Font colour in Save window (Motif)

John Rigg cm at jrigg.co.uk
Fri Feb 23 14:14:29 PST 2018

I'm using the Motif version of snd, set up with dark
background colours (eg. white waveform on black
background) as I find it easier on the eyes when
working for long periods.

One problem with this is that in the 'Save as' window
the text field for typing in the destination filename
uses white text on a dark background (which is fine)
until the mouse is clicked on the field to select it
for typing in. Then the background goes white and the
text stays white too, so it isn't possible to see
what's being typed. Is there an easy way to change
the colour of the font (or highlighted background)

If not it isn't a big deal, as I can use save-sound-as
in the listener; I just wondered if it was possible
as it could save a small amount of time.


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