[CM] snd gtk background colors

Orm Finnendahl orm.finnendahl at selma.hfmdk-frankfurt.de
Sun Mar 19 08:08:53 PDT 2017


 setting the main background color in snd-gtk doesn't seem to have any
effect on my machine. It works setting *selected-graph-color* and
*selected-data-color*. I use a dark theme (Adwaita-dark) as my main
theme and would prefer to have a dark background of the main pane with
white menu fonts. It seems that snd doesn't pick up the theme's
colors. Does anybody know of a workaround? It seems to be a non
trivial task to get colors defined for specific apps in gnome. The snd
version I use (16.8) was compiled with Gtk+ 2.24.31

Maybe I should roll my own snd with Motif...


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