[CM] Midi microtuning in cm2

Orm Finnendahl orm.finnendahl at selma.hfmdk-frankfurt.de
Thu Mar 9 10:14:01 PST 2017

Hi List,

I had a similar discussion with Ralf Mattes recently. I wrecklessly
did the bugfixes for the cl port only. It wouldn't be a big deal to
fix the scheme part as well, but it seems to me that cm3 includes all
of cm2 and enhances it in so many ways that I'm not sure that keeping
the scheme port of cm2 legitimizes too much effort. And Titos
arguments are the main point why I'm not using the scheme->lisp
translator (although I don't understand very much about code
optimization in common lisp it seems clear to me that Tito is a very
good source of advice in that respect).

I'd argue it'd be better to continue like this:

1. Concentrate on the cl port of cm2, sometimes maybe even gently
   diverging from it to adapted ports for e.g. plotter (maybe even
   with additional functionality).

2. Report bugs discovered in the code which might still affect cm3 on
   the cmdist list.

3. Maybe even getting rid of the scheme part of cm2 in the code base
   (my github repository is from Tito and already doesn't contain the
   scheme code anymore).

4. keeping a branch of the original cm2 and backporting bugfixes
   affecting that codebase.

Am Donnerstag, den 09. März 2017 um 18:20:03 Uhr (+0100) schrieb Tito Latini:
> On Thu, Mar 09, 2017 at 01:46:24PM +0100, anders.vinjar at nmh.no wrote:
> > Personally i think i'd prefer to continue using the .scm sources as
> > 'originals' and base any CL versions on the current .asd (which calls
> > stocl as needed).  Easier to keep things in sync, and have both scm and
> > cl.
> The auto-generated code from scm to cl is inefficient and bogus.
> For example, in midi1.lisp the constants are special variables!?
> Other examples:
>     (if (vectorp map) (elt map chan) (elt map chan))
> or
>     (defparameter +enc-route-byte+ (byte 10 22))
> where the compiler doesn't replace +enc-route-byte+ with (byte 10 22)
> because it is a special variable. It is necessary to eval the code at
> compile-time with #.+enc-route-byte+ -- Idem for the rest.
> I helped Orm with some patches the first days of the fork but with the
> request to hide my name.
> I'll never send a patch to fix auto-generated code or to fix an old
> scheme version of cm.
> Besides, I use s7: the old scheme files are obsolete and useless for me,
> therefore I'll never send a patch to fix scm files or the cl-generator
> because it is just a lost of time.
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