[CM] Midi microtuning in cm2

anders.vinjar at nmh.no anders.vinjar at nmh.no
Thu Mar 9 04:46:24 PST 2017

>>>>> "O" == Orm Finnendahl writes:

    O> I guess the svn repository reflects the state of cm2 of around
    O> 2007.

Since ca. 2012/13 the few commits (in cm2) handle support for lispworks
and modern versions of asdf (3.1).

    O> If common lisp cm2 is still in use by others I'd suggest to join
    O> maintenance forces so that we don't end up with many
    O> repositories.

Good idea.  Rick?

Personally i think i'd prefer to continue using the .scm sources as
'originals' and base any CL versions on the current .asd (which calls
stocl as needed).  Easier to keep things in sync, and have both scm and

For my own work i've kept local git repos of cm2 (and the other cm
branches) up to date with the svn repo at sf.  Just pushed the git
version of the cm2 branch for anyone to fork or use if setting up a real
'origin/master' repo:



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