[CM] Snd 17.2

bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Feb 22 12:50:07 PST 2017

Snd 17.2:

Tito Latini greatly improved the mix saved state info, and fixed many 

in s7:
   let-set! now raises an error if the target variable doesn't exist
   if no result is specified, do returns the test result
      => works here as in cond and case, and multiple-values.
   in *rootlet-redefinition-hook* the first parameter is 'name, not 
   #e, #i, #d removed.  #i(...) is an int-vector constant, #r(...) a 

checked: sbcl 1.3.14, gtk 3.89.4

Thanks!: Tito Latini.

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