[CM] cm2

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Feb 7 08:46:08 PST 2017

Hi Orm,

Thanks for all this info and kudos to Tito for this system. Don't want
to get off-topic but "incudine-snd" interface/interaction looks
appealing also.

BTW, most of the examples on 'etc/examples/intro.cm' should work on cm2
on sbcl. Some have Scheme code embedded and might not evaluate but is
just a matter of translating. For instance 'nil' in Lisp is '#f' in

   -- Juan

> If you use sbcl and feel adventurous you can install emacs, 
> quicklisp, slime and try cm-incudine together with incudine (an 
> awesome computer music system). cm-incudine is cm2 with some glue to
>  incudine which will give you realtime with a very efficient realtime
>  scheduler and jackmidi support. Optional additional packages are 
> fudi-incudine for sending to pure data in realtime (could also be 
> done with incudine alone) and cl-collider for compiling lisp to 
> supercollider synths and invoking them. Some of the stuff is still 
> experimental, but I'm using it every day and it works very well for 
> my needs. I'm trying to keep cm2 up to date, fixed some bugs and 
> added functionality (also to fomus, especially regarding the lilypond
> backend).

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