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Orm Finnendahl orm.finnendahl at selma.hfmdk-frankfurt.de
Sat Feb 4 11:40:17 PST 2017

Hi Jim,

 there should be lisp examples in the etc/examples subdirectory of
cm2. In the cm2 version I use (2.12.0) they seem to use lisp
syntax. Some of them are broken, though (to my knowledge plotter isn't
working and the code in some examples doesn't work with the last cm2

If you use sbcl and feel adventurous you can install emacs, quicklisp,
slime and try cm-incudine together with incudine (an awesome computer
music system). cm-incudine is cm2 with some glue to incudine which
will give you realtime with a very efficient realtime scheduler and
jackmidi support. Optional additional packages are fudi-incudine for
sending to pure data in realtime (could also be done with incudine
alone) and cl-collider for compiling lisp to supercollider synths and
invoking them. Some of the stuff is still experimental, but I'm using
it every day and it works very well for my needs. I'm trying to keep
cm2 up to date, fixed some bugs and added functionality (also to
fomus, especially regarding the lilypond backend).

Here are some links:

quicklisp: https://www.quicklisp.org/beta/

incudine: http://incudine.sourceforge.net/

cm-incudine: https://github.com/ormf/cm-incudine

fudi-incudine: https://github.com/ormf/fudi-incudine

cl-collider: https://github.com/byulparan/cl-collider

The whole installation process is somewhat involved if you are no
experienced emacs/common lisp user, but drop me a note off list in
case you're interested and encounter problems. I might be able to help
getting it set up.


Am Samstag, den 04. Februar 2017 um 17:49:52 Uhr (+0000) schrieb James Hearon:
> Hi,
> re: cm2, with help from Adam I understand I'm supposed to load the cm2.asd.  OK.
> I can load, and eval .lisp file from sbcl using command line, or in emacs with slime; but cannot yet figure out how to get .cm or .scm files working in cm2.   Seems like .scm files are in the sources, but not sure how to use a simple .scm  with cm2.
> Thank You,
> Jim

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